Written by Kong Forest - November 29, 2019

Anyone who comes to Hon Ba would compare this place as a fairyland with a blue lake, a winding stream flowing around, the pristine forests and a fresh and cool atmosphere. Hon Ba - within a 2-hour drive from Nha Trang - is one of the most attractive destinations in Khanh Hoa.

  • Hòn Bà - Where the peak reaches the sky

Hon Ba (Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa), located at an altitude of nearly 1600m above sea level, possesses a temperate climate and the primeval forests of thousands of years old. In contrast to the dreamy hills with grasses and flowers, Hon Ba mountain has the beauty of steep slopes, tall trees and large rocks of the nearby streams. Kong Forest is the area where the most beautiful part of the famous Da Giang stream flows over.

Sometimes, it is the path to conquer Hon Ba that attracts the adventurous minds to discover. The steepy road with many zigzags and bends will give you the thrilled yet excited feeling. In rainy season or early morning, fog and rain curtain covering the landscape will create an exceptional view just like a wonderland.

The higher you go, the more fresh and pleasant the air is because all of the city's smog has been left behind. Quiet space with only birds singing and the sound of far-flowing streams will make you forget about the noisy town. Giant forests with dense canopy of Hon Ba are home to over 800 different species of plants and animals. It is no exaggeration to say that the natural beauty of Hon Ba is truly a gift from God.

  • Hon Ba and Dr. Yersin

In 1913, Dr. Alexandre Yersin, who discovered the plague bacteria that saved millions of lives, rode his horse from Suoi Dau to a mountainous region where no human footprint was ever seen. To him, it was a quiet land with fresh air and diverse ecosystems that was extremely suitable for living and working. His wooden house was built and many new plants were researched and tested during his stay. The place is peak of Hon Ba mountain, and Dr. Yersin is considered the first human to discover this land.

Today, the small wooden house of that talented doctor still stands on top of the foggy Hon Ba mountain, lasting over time. Sometimes it welcomes resilient guests who have traveled a long way to find the beauty in nature and freedom in soul.

  • Things you should know to visit Hon Ba mountain

Hon Ba is beautiful all year round; especially the weather is cool and pleasant at all times. However, the most beautiful season to visit Hon Ba is spring when wildflowers blooming in the sunlight gently covers the green hills with vibrant colors. The rainy season here takes place from October to November. You should pay attention to this time, because it will make the journey to the island more difficult.

Currently, Hon Ba mountain peak is managed by the local authorities and cannot be freely accessed anymore. But don't be discouraged, because Kong Forest, located at the 19th kilometer just below the summit, is always open to welcome you!

If you want to go to Hon Ba, remember to fully prepare equipment, drinking water and check the condition of the vehicle. The difficulty of the road to Hon Ba along with the lack of facilities such as electricity, water, and telephone waves will make the trip more challenging. However, with Kong Forest, we always have convenient and safe shuttle bus for tourists. Furthermore, all facilities are available and well-functioned so that you can enjoy your time without a flicker of worry.

Hon Ba in general and Kong Forest in particular are places of high nature conservation. So, when you come to this land, please protect the environment by do not litter and not burn or carry flammable items with you.

If you are looking for a new experience beside the green beaches of Khanh Hoa, you should travel to Hon Ba for a try. Certainly, the nature and scenery here will not disappoint you. And don't forget to drop by Kong Forest to take part in interesting activities and keep good memories of this wonderful place!

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