Written by Kong Forest - November 22, 2019



  • Have you ever imagined how it would be if we were able to fly? Your feet are off the ground, there is nothing surrounds you except for strong wind blowing, your body and mind is set free, and your breath is taken by the adrenaline rush in your vein as well as the spectacular scene of nature beneath you. It sounds exactly like a bird in the sky, isn’t it? That is also what a Zipline adventure can bring to you, if you ever have a chance to try this amazing game.

  • What is Zipline?

Zipline is simply defined as a trip by cable that connects different points of destination. The player will move from one point to another by being fastened to a pulley and slide along the cable while the hands and feet are literally free. The system is normally mounted on artificial slopes or hillsides at a considerable height so that you can slide along the wire easily.

  • Is Zipline for you?

Traditionally, Zipline was a method of transportation where vehicle was limited and there was no alternative. However, the joy, eagerness and excitement that a Zipline trip brings about is so attractive that it later became a popular game for adventurous players. It gives you the feeling of complete freedom when you hover in the air, surrounded by big trees with great canopy, slide at such high speeds that you can even hear the wind blowing. More than just a bird, you can fly without a pair of wings! With Zipline, you can witness the landscape from a distance above, and take in the beauty of nature in the most primitive form, and truly immerse yourself in the adventure.

But what if you are not fond of thrilling games? 

Under any circumstances, Zipline is not a challenge. It does not put the player’s heart at verge with ambiguous displays or deliberately create unnecessary extreme emotions. The system of cable and pulley is meticulously designed with the safest materials and frequently warranted to ensure the quality. There is always a tour guide that equip players with the necessary knowledge as well as support them anytime during the trip. The ultimate goal of a Zipline tour is extraordinary and memorable experience of all participants, no matter who you are and what you like. 

  • Tips for the best Zipline experience

  1. Prepare yourself before the adventure. There are many petty things that you may overlook but they can affect your adventure a lot. For example, you shouldn’t bring your sandals along because they may fall and be lost during the trip. In addition, loose fitting clothes are the best choice as they are light and comfortable. Before you start, just ask the Zipline guide about what you should and should not do, make a list, prepare for them and then you can be assured that your adventure will be enjoyable.
  2. Strictly follow the instruction. It is important that you understand and remember all necessary information, as the instruction is made to prevent any possible trouble during the trip that may affect your experience or even your safety.
  3. Protect the environment and your surroundings as you are playing. Some Zipline systems are built in wilderness areas where natural habitat is perfectly reserved (just like Kong Forest). While you are having fun, keep in mind that the animals are living too, so don’t be too loud, too messy, or too destructive.

  • Fun facts about Zipline that may interest you 
  1. The world's longest zip-line that is in operation is located in Copper Canyon, Mexico with a span of 2,545 meters.
  2. ZipFlyer in Nepal has a vertical drop of 610 m (2,000 ft) and be considered as the steepest Zipline in the world
  3. British great-grandfather Jack Reynolds became the oldest person to ride a zip-line on his 106th birthday at Go Ape in Grizedale Forest, Cumbria
  4. The most people to go down a single zipline in one hour was 183. This record belongs to ACE adventure resort in West Virginia in 2012.
  5. 72 countries in the globe have commercial zip lines. In Vietnam, Kong Korest is the first place to introduce Zipline tour - an adventure under forest canopy with exciting experiences and activities that go far beyond a regular Zipline trip!
  6. Portable Zipline is now available so that people can enjoy the game almost anywhere they want. However, it limits the experience of players in many aspects.

With all the fun and excitement that Zipline can bring to you, it is advisable that you try this game at least once in your life. Just enjoy the moment, and leave the rest for us to take care of!

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