Written by Kong Forest - December 17, 2019

Coming to Kong Forest, visitors will be impressed by the characteristics of unspoiled nature that is nowhere to be found: It is the dense and vast old jungle, the diverse ecosystem with a lot of special plants and animals, the fresh and cool atmosphere ... All these unique features coexist under a single name: Tropical Forest.


  • What makes tropical forest different?

Tropical forest is a type of ecosystem that can be described in two words: hot and humid. The average monthly temperature always exceeds 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) and the average annual rainfall is relatively high. However, because the forest is covered with many species of plants with giant canopy and possesses a fresh atmosphere, we always feel cool and wandering in such areas.

A traveler from the temperate zone may be familiar with coniferous forests with high trunk, small canopy, sparsely grown trees and often covered with white snow every winter. However, when coming to Kong Forest in particular and a tropical forest in general, visitors will feel quite the opposite. The flora here grows and develops all year round, preserving the distinctive green color for the area. Besides the huge old trees with wide canopy and high trunk, there are many species of medium-sized trees, small shrubs, symbiosis ... creating diversity in the ecosystem of the forest.

Sometimes, during your journey, you can hear the distinctive sounds of wildlife. That strange yet familiar sound will make you feel cheerful and energize you on your adventure to explore nature.


  • The fairy treasures of tropical forest

The greatest and most important treasure of tropical forest is its diverse and thriving ecosystem. Rainforests are home to half of the living things and plants of the planet. Two-thirds of all flowering plants can be found here. One hectare of jungle can contain 42,000 species of insects and about 1800 species of plants. It seems that millions of species of plants, insects and microorganisms are still undiscovered in tropical forests.

Among the plants and animals living and growing in the rainforest, there are many rare and unique species that you cannot find anywhere else. Your trip will be much more interesting and memorable with the existence of beautiful wild flowers, medicinal plants with signature scents, and cute animals...

The attraction of the rainforest is also found in the pleasant climate. The temperature here is cool all year round and there is no extreme weather (too hot or too cold). The atmosphere is always fresh and pure thanks to the giant "filters" coming from surrounding trees.


  • Into the woods - what will you need?


  1. Prepare suitable clothes and necessary items. When traveling in the forest, wear loose and comfortable clothing. You can choose a T-shirt inside and a long-sleeved jacket outside to avoid being scratched by forest trees, while avoiding the sun and the wind as well. A pair of soft canvas shoes, or rubber shoes are also essential. In addition, you can use sunscreen and mosquito repellent to guarantee a pleasant time during the trip.
  2. Come with a large group. Discovering the rainforest with a group of 5 - 10 people makes the experience both more interesting and easier to help each other if something goes wrong.
  3. Choose the right place. A completely deserted area would be quite dangerous for those who have no experience. You should choose a place which is operated by large organizations like Kong Forest so that you can explore the pristine beauty of the rainforest while ensuring safety for yourself.


A day in the rainforest is a day for you to get rid of the stress, tiredness of noisy cities and fall back to the fresh, pureness of nature. Refreshing yourself with a trip to Kong Forest to experience all the special things it can bring to you!

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