Kong Forest Adventure Park

Kong Forest Adventure Park

Written by Admin Kong Forest - November 18, 2019

Welcome to Kong Forest Adventure Park!

Welcome to Kong Forest Adventure Park – the first & the biggest jungle park in Vietnam!

Kong Forest where a challenge starts is an ideal choice to take great pleasure in an extraordinary adventure with the beautiful natural landscape here. Besides the famous pale blue water, golden white sand, and bright sun of Khanh Hoa province, there is another side in the destination that may make you take by surprise when you experience all tours here. Nature beckons at Kong Forest where there are a plenty of outdoor exciting activities closely tied to the nature and environment waiting for you to come and experience tours like: Zipline Canopy Tour, ATV Extreme Tour, Hiking, Rafting, Jungle Biking ...or just simply enjoy swimming at Suoi Nguon stream at the park. No matter what you do, hopefully, every single moment you experience at Kong Forest is unforgettable and a full of joy.

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