Camping - CP1

Camping - CP1
Camping - CP1
Camping - CP1
Camping - CP1
Camping - CP1
Camping - CP1
Camping - CP1
Camping - CP1

Camping - CP1

Adult rate
1,000,000 VND

620,000 VND

Child rate
1,000,000 VND

434,000 VND

Camping at Kong Forest is an opportunity where you can:

📍 Discover an attractive and different new forest camping spot at Hon Ba Mountain, Khanh Hoa.

📍 Learn some basic skills about outdoor camping.

📍 Learn about the natural environment, landscape, diverse flora and fauna being preserved here.

📍 Raise awareness of preserving and protecting nature and living environment of wild animals and plants.

📍 Instead of conquering, feel and respect nature and the nature around you!

🏕️ "You like to find a place where Heaven, stream and Wild Nature landscape harmonize for camping?!" Camping program with CP1 at Kong Forest Adventure Park will surprise you with the unspoiled natural beauty here, enjoy the fresh air, the cool stream of Suoi Nguon at Hon Ba mountain. Camping here you will be exposed to what is pure and original of Mother Nature and learn some basic survival skills.


Camping – CP1

Check in/out: 03:00 PM - 11:00 AM

No of guest: Group tour of 5 guests.

CP1 is a camping tour in which food will be grilled and served on guests own

What’s included in the tour:

  ✔️ Registered form at reception & a bottle of mineral water.

  ✔️ Available a camp assistant at the campsite.

  ✔️ Free bicycles and some other necessary camping tools.

  ✔️ BBQ dinner: Chicken, pork, vegetables, snakehead fish, bread & ginger tea.

Light breakfast: Bread, egg & coffee.

  ✔️ Blanket, pillow and sheet available at tent.

  ✔️ Take photo, go for a walk and bathe in leisure time in Kong Forest.

What’s EXCLUDED in the tour:

Roundtrip Transfer.

Surcharge for extra services should be advised before 03PM at reception:

  👉 If guests carry their own food, food at 100.000 VND per kg, a pack of beer or soft drinks at 200.000 VND per pack. Wine and liquor are prohibited/restricted.

  👉 Griller/Waiter: 500,000VND/2hrs.

  👉 Electricity Usage after 10PM: 500.000 VND/01 hour or less.

  👉 Karaoke speaker: 800,000 VND.

  👉 Surcharge 20%: 23-29.01.2023 & 29.04-01.05.2023


  👉 Uniform: Thermal clothing, use sports shoes, insect cream & mosquito repellent. Carry-on luggage should be compact and light. Backpack is highly recommened at the campsite during the camping.

  👉 Please do not bring any valuable objects for this tour.

  👉 Viettel and Wifi signals are available only in the reception area.

General policy:

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